Spesifikasi dan Harga Nikon D5000

Price:   $599.00 - $723.4
The D5000 has been an agilely accessible backup for that just-under-$1,000 kit segment. And there are affluence of cogent changes in this model. Nikon switches to a CMOS sensor instead of the CCD it's been application in its entry-level models, in this case, the aforementioned 12.3-megapixel adaptation that's in the D90. Plus there's the new (to Nikon's dSLRs) flip-down-and-swivel LCD, and an bigger AF system--the aforementioned 11-point AF arrangement as the D90--that analyze it acutely from the cheaper D60. But, as frequently happens, this poses absolutely a bit of antagonism for the added big-ticket D90. Especially aback it has a newer adaptation of the Expeed angel processor (with bigger Auto Active D-Lighting and face-priority AF) and added Live View AF, forth with a adapter for the alternative GP-1 hot shoe GPS. It additionally supports absolute wireless upload aback you use an Eye-Fi card.
The D5000 is accessible in two configurations, at atomic from Nikon: anatomy alone and a kit with the 18-55mm VR lens. I wouldn't be afraid if a dual-lens kit with the added 55-200mm lens eventually showed up as well.
Constructed of polycarbonate over stainless steel, the 21.6-ounce D5000 weighs a few ounces added than the D60 and aggressive Canon EOS Rebel T1i but about 4 ounces beneath than the D90. It feels plasticky, but not cheap--pretty archetypal for its amount segment--although the SD breach awning does assume a bit flimsier than usual.

 The ascendancy blueprint is appealing typical, although Nikon seems to accept alone added direct-access buttons than best articles in its chic and replaced them absolutely with the alternate display. Through it, in aggregate with the aback punch and multi selector, you acclimatize bang speed, aperture, angel admeasurement and quality, white balance, ISO sensitivity, focus mode, AF breadth (single, multi, advanced area, and 3D tracking), metering, D-Lighting, acknowledgment bracketing (three shots in up to two stop increments), Picture Control, acknowledgment and beam compensation, and beam mode. I about like the alternate displays, but the D5000's LCD is a bit difficult to see in sunlight, which fabricated alteration settings somewhat problematic. There's additionally a programmable action button that avalanche beneath your larboard thumb--I like that location--to which you can accredit absolute admission to drive modes, angel admeasurement and quality, ISO sensitivity, white balance, Active D-Lighting, raw override, and bracketing. Spesifikasi dan Harga Nikon D5000.
Spesifikasi dan Harga Nikon D5000.


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